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Jacob Ereste :
Harry, as a former American soldier who experienced physical and spiritual struggles, received special pension funds from his union -Harry, a former United States Army soldier who experienced physical and spiritual struggles on battlefields around the Middle East, finally received early retirement four years ago and vowed to pursue and deepen the guidance and teachings of Islam.

He explained the bomb that exploded and injured his back waist and penetrated his stomach with a dramatic expression while chatting casually at the Indonesian Mothers’ Aspiration Headquarters, in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, Thursday, 7 December 2023. The bomb that exploded left him permanently disabled so that he deserves priority early retirement from his unit.

As a retired lowly soldier from the United States Army, Harry chose to enjoy his retirement living in Indonesia for four years and occasionally returned to his hometown to simply supplement his income by working as a truck driver. But because it was later discovered that he had a disability that made it difficult for him to work continuously for more than a few hours, he was fired from the truck company.

On this basis, Harry returned to the military unit where he previously served, so that his claim was that the truck company refused to receive replacement compensation from the military unit where he previously joined in the form of a multiple of the pension funds he received every month.

He will tell the detailed story of his physical and mental struggles so that he was so diligent and obedient in following Islamic guidance and teachings on the next occasion, including the reasons and views as a former American soldier who was so persistent in defending the Palestinian people. Because many of the lies and fraudulent military doctrines that he received when he was arrested in his military unit did not match the facts that he discovered and faced directly in the field.

Harry’s life story really provides inspiration and an interesting perspective, not only as a soldier who received double pension benefits, but also his testimony about the turmoil in the Middle East which was dominantly controlled by Britain and America.

From direct experience of fighting and physical and spiritual upheaval in the Middle East, Harry is now a strong supporter of the Palestinian people who are persistent in defending the rights and independence of their homeland.

Of course, his spiritual experience was very serious about deepening the teachings and guidance of Islam. Because Harry is becoming more fluent in deciphering the meaning of “Lil Al-Amin’s grace”.

Menteng, 7 December 2023


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